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Public speaking/conference training

I’m a frequent and well-regarded speaker at technical conferences, as well as a frequent member of tech conference programme review committees.

When I speak at conferences, one thing that strikes me is how often I see the same faces up on stage. There are millions of people who work in tech, and each one of those people has a story to tell and share.

I created the Public Speaking resources repository to help new and potential speakers self-teach to be more successful with their conferencing. Now I also offer training to companies that would like to help their teams do the same.

The training is perfect for teams of developer relations, developer advocates, or community managers, or just for any team that wants to provide professional development to its members. It can be customised to each customer’s specific needs. Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Learning about your audience
  • Writing a winning talk proposal
  • Finding conferences to speak at
  • Generating and developing talk ideas
  • Writing a good conference talk
  • Writing good conference slides
  • Delivering an effective talk
  • How to handle a demo
  • Audience management techniques (Q&A, “the guy in the third row,” etc.)
  • Collaborating and organising conference/CFP searches with the team
  • Collaborating and organising conference talk materials with the team

If your company would like customised professional tech conference speaker training for its teams, please contact me.

Open is This Way by Alan Levine on Flickr; Public Domain

Open Source strategy consulting

I’ve spent most of my 20 years in the tech industry leading software development departments and teams, and providing technical management and leadership consulting for small and medium businesses. Now I leverage nearly 30 years of free and open source software experience and a strong business background to advise companies about open source, technology, community, business, and the intersections between them.

Book Cover: Forge Your Future with Open SourceI am the author of Forge Your Future with Open Source, the first book to detail how to contribute to free and open source software projects. Think of it as the missing manual of open source contributions and community participation. The book is published by The Pragmatic Programmers and is now available in an early release beta version.

If your company needs help figuring out where open source fits in its strategy and long term goals, please contact me. I’ll be honoured to assist you with:

  • Open source contribution training
  • Open source business strategy
  • Using open source in your company
  • Establishing an Open Source Programs Office
  • Releasing internal projects as open source
  • Open source community management and growth
  • Free and open source software compliance
  • Inner sourcing